Remembering those humble beginnings.
Because i was like you.

I always knew I would strive to be the personal trainer I wanted for myself, for others when I was facing the same struggles.

I graduated Toi Ohomai in 2016 obtaining my Certifcate in fitness level 4 and also received the award for the “Best Physical Changes”.

I personally believe that it’s never crowded at the extra mile and that the burden of not even trying is much heavier than any barbell or dumbell

“Get back into a workout routine and start living a happier, healthier lifestyle”

Louise has been the best thing that has happened to me. She has given me motivation to get back to the gym but also pushed me to my limits in such a positive way that I have enjoyed turning up every time. If you ever want a personal trainer that will go the extra mile Louise is your girl.

Jordan Allan / Facebook

Louise is a great motivator.

Knows and listens to what I want to do.

wonderful to be around she’s full of energy really recommend her.

Shane Smith / Facebook

I came to Louise feeling very low about myself.

Louise helped me find my strength again, both mentally and physically.

I cannot recommend her enough.

Amy Webb / Facebook